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Welcome To Cajun Air

Cajun Air Inc. has quickly become recognized as a leading Atlanta HVAC company that treats all customers, regardless of their size, with honesty and integrity. We do everything in our power to build lasting relationships with our customers, at all costs.  Contact us today for all your commercial heating, cooling, and refrigeration needs.  

Commercial heating and cooling repairs are inevitable. At Cajun Air, we offer a comprehensive range of heating and cooling services to meet all of your installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance needs. Commercial service requires a different level of expertise than servicing residential heating and cooling systems. Commercial heating and cooling equipment is much larger, handling more intense use, and heavier heating and cooling loads than residential equipment.  

Commercial heating and cooling equipment tends to be more complex in setup as well, ranging from single zone to multiple zone systems depending on the setting in order to meet the unique demands of your business type.

The work we love

Service with professionalism is the number one priority that we provide to all of our customers. Below are the areas of our expertise:
commercial hvac installation - service - repair
Commercial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning installation, repairs and service is what our technicians are trained for. Their passion is what comes natural. From restaurants to motion picture studious, our techs get your job done right the first time.
commercial refrigeration - installation - service - repair
Many businesses like restaurants and convenience store depend on commercial refrigeration to conduct normal business. When these units go down, businesses can loose thousands of dollars and even have to shut their doors. For this reason, Cajun Air stocks many makes and models of the most popular replacement parts, equipment and has a staff ready 24/7 to handle the problem.
commercial VENTILATION - INSTALLATION - service - repair
Critical to a stable and comfortable commercial indoor environment is proper ventilation. Image a restaurant full of patrons and the ventilation system breaks. Cajun Air is always prepared with both technicians and replacement parts to get your business up and running with as little business interruption as possible.

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