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Since you own or manage a commercial building, you understand the importance of your HVAC system. Moreover, if you own a retail establishment or restaurant your HVAC system is critical to your business. That is why you need fast and professional HVAC technicians that understand that removing and replacing your old HVAC unit during the off hours and getting ready for the next business day is critical to your business’s survival.

The Cajun Air techs make sure that your commercial property is as comfortable during every season. With over 100 years of combined service experience, Cajun Air is the commercial HVAC replacement specialist to call for all your commercial air conditioning and heating installation and replacement needs.

Whether your business needs a brand new system or a whole or partial replacement, we have the staff and up to date training necessary to get your job done right. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for your commercial HVAC installation and replacement needs.

We are a licensed and insured commercial HVACR replacement specialist and back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Common Issues of air handler’s performance include

Like the rest of your heating and air conditioning equipment, air handlers need to be regularly maintained to ensure they operate efficiently. Issues within your air handling unit can make or break your HVAC system. Some common issues that affect an air handler’s performance include:

Dirty Filters

Dirty or clogged HVAC filters prevent proper airflow and can allow dirt and debris to enter the system, leading to premature wear and tear and system repairs because the HVAC system must use more energy to cool your home.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils covered in dirt and debris limit the system's ability to exchange heat properly. Evaporator coils should be checked and cleaned during an annual inspection.

A Faulty Blower Motor

A faulty blower motor struggles to circulate air properly and draws excess energy, leading to wear and tear and higher energy bills.

HVAC Services

Commercial HVAC systems are more complicated than the average residential system and require more upkeep and attention to ensure that your business isn’t affected by surprise malfunctions and breakdowns. For instance, large offices, warehouses, churches, and other sizable buildings need commercial HVAC systems that accommodate the massive space and fluctuating usage to keep indoor climates efficiently comfortable.